Volume & Issue: Volume 15, Issue 2 - Serial Number 45, May 2022 
Photophysical Properties of a Novel Xanthene Dye

Pages 87-96

M. Pishgar; K. Gharanjig; M. E. Yazdanshenas; Kh. Farizadeh; A. Rashidi

Experimental and Theoretical Investigation on the Corrosion Inhibitor Potential of N-MEH for Mild Steel in HCl

Pages 111-122

A. K. Khudhair; A. M. Mustafa; M. M. Hanoon; A. Al-Amiery; L. M. Shaker; T. Gazz; A. B. Mohamad; A. H. Kadhum; M. S. Takriff

Investigation of the Effect of rGO/TiO2 on Photovoltaic Performance of DSSCs Devices

Pages 123-131

S. Rouhani; M. Hosseinnezhad; N. Sohrab; K. Gharanjig; A. Salem; Zahra Ranjbar