1- How long will it take to publish my article?

We strive to ensure that every article is published in a timely manner. However, there is simply too much variability in the submission process, such as the willingness of reviewers to evaluate a paper on a particular topic, for us to guarantee a specific timeframe for article publication. We do, however, publish journal articles online first, as soon as they’re ready, with a full citation. Complete issues follow at regular intervals.

2- Do you accept materials published in other journal?

No, we can’t accept article that have been previously published in other journal. However, we do understand that many submission many be evolutions of previously published works. For this reason, we allow submission to consist of no more than 20% previously published work. Of course, any similarity reported should be less than 5%  its total should not be more than 15%.


The Crossref Similarity Check powered by iThenticate compares the full-text of a submission with the published literature

3- May I volunteer as reviewer?

We would be glad to have you review articles for potential publications. If you would like to do so, please send your CV and a brief statement of your research interest to pccc@icrc.ac.ir.

4- Where can I find instructions for PCCC?

Please go to the homepage of the journal then you have chosen guide for authors.

5- Does PCCC provide English language support?

Manuscript that are accepted for publication will be checked by our copy editors for spelling and formal style. This mayn’t be sufficient if English is not your native language and substantial editing would be required. In that case, you may want to have your manuscript edited by a native speaker prior to submission. A clear and concise language will help editors and reviewers concentrate on the scientific content of your paper and thus smooth the peer review process.

6- Can you give me more information about copyright?

Authors will be asked to transfer the copyright of their manuscript to the publisher (or grant the publisher exclusive publication and dissemination right). This will ensure the widest possible protection and dissemination of information under copyright laws.


In case of scientific approval of the article by expert reviewer, we ask you to sign and send the copyright form. Obviously, the final acceptance of the article will not be done until this form is received. Authors can sign and send this form at any stage.

7- What exactly is Online First?

After completing the reviewing process and receiving the necessary documents for page layout, the article will be published on the journal's website. In this case, the article can be searched and cited, which is an important help to researchers. Then the article is placed in the turn of pagination and after the approval of the corresponding author, it is published in the relevant issue.

8- Can I still make correction to my article after it has been published Online First?

The online publication represents the official publication of research results. It isn’t simply a prepublication service on the part of the publisher. As soon as article is published online, it is citable and quotable. If changes are then made, confusion can easily arise, with authors citing different versions of the same publication. Thus, after online publication, further changes can’t be made in the paper.

9- Can I share my electronic offprint with other?

Authors have the right to disseminate their article’s Offprint (as a printout or by email) to their co-authors and research colleagues (for personal use by such colleagues). It is allowed to distribute the eOffprint via a webpage.

10- How can I request permission to re-use materials?

To use materials printed in publication from PCCC, please contact us to get permission.

11- What should I do if I have more question?

Email us at pccc@icrc.ac.ir