Effect of nitriding temperature on the nanostructure and corrosion properties of Nickel coated 304 stainless steel

Journal: Vol.10, No.2, Spring 2017 - Article 3   Pages :  85 Until 92

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A.R. Grayeli Korpi: Nuclear Sciences and Technology Research Institute - Physics and Accelerators Research School
Kh. M. Bahmanpour: Islamic Azad University - Plasma Physics Research Center, Science & Research Branch

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Nickel films of 150 nm thickness were deposited on 304 stainless steel and post annealed under flow of nitrogen at different temperatures. The prepared samples were corrosion tested in 1.0 M H2SO4 solution using potentiodynamic polarization technique. Crystallographic and morphological structure of the samples were analysed by X-ray diffraction XRD and atomic force microscopy AFM respectively before corrosion test, and scanning electron microscope SEM after corrosion test. A clear correlation between the physical analyses XRD, AFM and SEM and the potentiodynamic results is achieved. The variation of corrosion resistance of the samples showed that the optimum annealing temperature is 673 K.

Ni thin films, Annealing, Nitriding process, Stainless steel, Corrosion

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