Fabrication and study of structural, optical and electrical properties of UV curable conductive polyurethane acrylate films containing polyaniline-Co3O4 nanocomposites

Journal: Vol.9, No.1, Winter 2016 - Article 5   Pages :  41 Until 52

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Zeinab Hesari: Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University - Department of Chemistry,
B. Shirkavand Hadavand: Institute for Color Science and Technology - Departments of Resin and Additives
Mohammad Mahmoodi Hashemi: Sharif University of Technology - Department of Chemistry,

Article's abstract:

In this research, Novel UV curable conductive nanocomposites containing urethane acrylate and PANi-Co3O4 nanocomposite have been prepared. At first, PANi- Co3O4 nanocomposites have been synthesized and then PUA-PANi-Co3O4 nanocomposites films were prepared by ultraviolet radiation. UV-Vis and FT-IR studies confirm that there was strong chemical interaction between PANi and Co3O4 nanoparticles, which caused the shifting of UV and FT-IR characteristic bands. The morphological studies of the PANi-Co3O4 nanocomposites showed uniform distribution of Co3O4 nanoparticles in PANi matrix, also SEM images of the PUA-PANi-Co3O4 nanocomposites films indicated distribution PANi- Co3O4 nanocomposites in PUA matrix. Electrical conductivity measurements of PANi-Co3O4 nanocomposites revealed that the conductivity of PANi decreased with adding content of Co3O4 NPs, also the conductivity of PUA increased with adding content of PANi-Co3O4 nanocomposites.

UV cure, Urethane acrylate, Polyaniline, Electrical conductivity

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