Naphthalene-based azo dyes: Synthesis, characterization and dyeing performance on polyester fibers

Journal: Vol.8, No.4, autumn 2015 - Article 6   Pages :  317 Until 327

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A. Mohammadi: University of Guilan - Department of Chemistry,Faculty of Sciences
Fatemeh Gholshahi: University of Guilan - Department of Chemistry
Hossien Ghafoori: University of Guilan - Department of Chemistry

Article's abstract:

In the present study, five naphthalene-based azo dyes were obtained using classical azo coupling reactions. The structure of the dyes was characterized and confirmed by the UV-vis, FT-IR, 1H NMR and 13C NMR analyses. The solvatochromic behavior of the dyes was studied in a set of 10 solvents with different polarity and considerable results were obtained. The dyes were applied as disperse dyes to polyester fiber and their dyeing properties were evaluated. The fastness properties of the dyed fabrics such as wash, light and rubbing fastness degrees were measured by standard methods. Additionally, the prepared dyes were evaluated for antioxidant activity by ferric reducing antioxidant power FRAP method.

Azo dye, Solvatochromism, Polyester fiber, Dyeing, Antioxidant activity

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