Nile Blue- Chitosan Composite as a new Electrochemical Sensor for Uric Acid on Glassy Carbon Electrode

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Reza Sabzi: Urmia University - Department of Chemistry
Khalil Farhadi: Urmia University - Department of Chemistry
Elnaz MineiAnalytical Chemistry

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Nile blue-Chitosan NB-CH as a new type of organic days-organic composite was made using Nile blue and chitosan. The NB-CH composite was made using a 0.005 M solution of Nile blue NB and a 7 solution of chitosan. To do this, a mixture of Nile blue and Chitosan with the ratio of 2:1 was prepared. The electrocatalytic oxidation of uric acid UA has been studied on glassy carbon electrode by NB-CH using electrochemical techniques. The NB-CH electrode showed one pair of peaks in 0.5 M KHSO4 as a supporting electrolyte. The catalytic currents are linearly related to UA concentrations in the ranges of 3×10-5 to 1.8×10-4 M and limit of detection 1.2 ×10-6 M with surface coverage of 2 ×10-8 mol cm-2.

Nile blue, Chitosan, Dye, Glassy carbon electrode, Uric acid

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