The Inkjet Printing of Reducible AgNPs amperometric glucose biosensor Electrodes

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Zahra Abadi: University of Guilan - Textile Engineering.Department
Vahid Mottaghitalab: University of Guilan - Textile Engineering.Department
Seyed mansour Bidoki: Yazd University - Textile Engineering.Department
Ali Benvidi: Yazd University - Textile Engineering.Department

Article's abstract:

The enzymes immobilization of the is crucially effective factor in biosensor preparation. Metal nanoparticles potentially able to immobilize the enzymes according to unique properties including large surface-to-volume ratio, high surface reaction activity, high catalytic efficiency, and strong adsorption ability. A novel and highly sensitive amperometric glucose biosensor was obtained by using the inkjet printing of Ag nanoparticles AgNPs on paper. In this method, AgNPs was chemically deposited by ejection of silver nitrate and ascorbic acid solutions onto paper as substrate. Inkjet deposited patterns were used as electrodes in different electrochemical experiments and their morphology were investigated by SEM observations. Results of cyclic voltammetry tests revealed that the Glucose oxidase was highly stabilized and immobilized on the surface of silver nanoparticles. Furthermore, the biosensor has a very high sensitivity of 8 µA/mM.mm2 and low detection limit also was estimated to be 5 mM. These results demonstrate that inkjet printing AgNPs have potential applications in glucose biosensors.

Silver nanoparticles, Electrochemical biosensor, Inkjet printing, Flexible electrode, Chemical deposition,

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