A Study of Relationship Between Color Inconstancy Level and CIELAB Color Coordinates

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Mahdi Safi: Institute for Color Science and Technology - Department of Color Physics

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In commercial point of view, it is of great interest to find colors with high color constancy level. Color constancy as a relatively property of object’s appearance could be affected by different factors. In this article, the color inconstancy index of CMCCON02 and CIELAB color coordinate of 1269 samples of Munsell at CIELchº color system to study any correlations, was calculated. The corresponding color under four illuminants A, TL84, and a white LED as well as an equal energy spectrum was determined. The results showed the variation of the hue angle and the chroma makes more sensible effect on the color inconstancy index CMCCON02 than the lightness. In addition, a specific proportional change in spectral reflectance curve between low and high wavelength limits maybe force the color to be more inconstant. Besides color inconstancy showed that depends primarily on type of color and used illuminant pair.

Color inconstancy index, Chroma, Hue angle, Lightness, Illuminant, Munsell color sample

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