Synthesis and characterization of novel dual UV/thermal curable epoxy rosinate

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A. Bakhtiari: Institute for Color Science and Technology - Departments of Resin and Additives
Farhood Najafi: Institute for Color Science and Technology - Departments of Resin and Additives
B. Shirkavand Hadavand: Institute for Color Science and Technology - Departments of Resin and Additives

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Rosin has a comprehensive application in adhesives, printing inks, protective coatings, rubbers and pharmaceutical. In this work, novel dual UV/thermal curable epoxy rosinate was synthesized by esterification reaction between epoxy resin and purified rosin. This product was evaluated by FT-IR spectroscopy techniques and acid number. UV curable resin was formulated for UV curing ability by benzophenone as photoinitiator, dimethyl-p-toluidine DMPT catalyst, trimethylolpropane triacrylate TMPTA and hydroxylethyl methacrylate HEMA as reactive diluents. Ingredients in formulation of UV/thermal curable epoxy rosinate have been balanced for achieving best properties. The film properties such as TGA and DSC characterization of cured film, hardness, impact and adhesion, gloss, flexibility, solvent rub resistance and gel fraction have been evaluated after UV/ Thermal dual curing.

Rosin modification, UV/thermal dual curing, Film properties, Epoxy rosin ester

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