Synthesis and Characterization of Anionic Polyurethane Dispersants for Waterborne Paints

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Farhood Najafi: Institute for Color Science and Technology - Departments of Resin and Additives
B. Shirkavand Hadavand: Institute for Color Science and Technology - Departments of Resin and Additives
F. Manouchehri: Damghan Branch, Islamic Azad University - Department of Chemistry

Article's abstract:

Anionic polyurethane dispersants APUDs were used as dispersing agents in formulation of waterborne paints. The APUDs were synthesized by three steps. In the first step, macromonomer diisocyanate having carboxylic acid was prepared by isophorone diisocyanate IPDI, dimethylol propionic acid DMPA in presence of acetone as solvent and dibutyltin dilaurate DBTDL as catalyst. Then, carboxylic polyurethane was prepared by reaction macromonomer diisocyanate having carboxylic acid groups with alcohols. In this work, alcohols were 1,4-butanediol and 1,6-hexanediol as difunctional alcohols, trimethylol propane as trifunctional alcohol and pentaerythritol as tetrafunctional alcohol. The final step involved neutralization and dispersion in water, where acidic polyurethane was neutralized by the addition of triethylamine TEA. The polymers have been characterized with 1H-NMR and FT-IR. The dispersion of APUDs depends on their molecular weights and chemical structures. Dispersion of titanium dioxide in typical waterborne acrylic resin has been investigated.

Dispersing agent, Polyurethane dispersion, Polymeric dispersant, Anionic dispersant

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