Color scene transform between images using Rosenfeld-Kak histogram matching method

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Saeideh Gorji Kandi: Amirkabir University of Technology - Polymer Engineering and Color Technology Departmen
Keivan Ansari: Institute for Color Science and Technology - Department of Color Imaging and Color Image Processing

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In digital color imaging, it is of interest to transform the color scene of an image to the other. Some attempts have been done in this case using, for example, lαβ color space, principal component analysis and recently histogram rescaling method. In this research, a novel method is proposed based on the Resenfeld and Kak histogram matching algorithm. It is suggested that to transform the color scene between two images, the histograms of the three R, G and B channels of the input image would be matched to the corresponding histograms of the destination one. The performance of the introduced method was investigated for several images. The obtained results indicated that this method is well capable of transforming the color scene between images.

color scene, histogram matching, color transform, color image

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