Effect of Ink Formulation and Paper Surface Morphology on Ink-jet Printing Properties


Department of Printing Science and Technology, Institute for Color Science and Technology


The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of type of alcohols and humectants in inks formulation, and the papers surface morphology on the ink-jet printing properties. In order to investigate the influence of alcohol and humectant types on printing properties, the optimum ink formulation from previous study, which contained C.I. Reactive Blue 21 Ink2 was formulated with different type of alcohols and humectants. The optical density and water fastness properties of printed papers were evaluated. The results indicated that, the optical density and water fastness of printed patterns depended more on papers surface morphology than the type of alcohols and humectants in ink formulation. Optimum optical density and good water fastness properties obtained on glossy coated ink-jet printed paper that have optimum nano-porous diameter on its coating layer.