A New Polymeric Nanocomposite Coating for Corrosion Protection of Carbon Steel in HCl Solution


1 Department of Chemistry, Islamic Azad University, Kerman Branch

2 Departmentof Chemistry, Islamic Azad University, Kerman Branch


In the present work, four polymeric nanocomposite PNC coatings were prepared with different concentrations of yttrium aluminum garnet nanoparticles YAG-NPs in polyvinyl butyral PVB matrix. The corrosion protection of the PNC coatings applied on the carbon steel surface was investigated in 1.0 M HCl solution by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy EIS. The YAG-NPs were synthesized by pulse electrochemical method. The formation of YAG-NPs was confirmed through XRD and SEM analysis. The EIS data obtained from the coated samples both without and with YAG-NPs samples were fitted with an equivalent circuit containing two time constants. The protection efficiency values of the PNC coatings were calculated from EIS data. The PNC coating containing 0.025 wt YAG-NPs as the efficient coating showed the best corrosion protection in HCl solution for immersion times up to 28 days.