Green Dyeing of Silk Fabrics in the Presence of Pomegranate Extract as Natural Mordant


1 Center of Excellence for Color Science and Technology,Department of Organic Colorants, Institute for Color Science and Technology

2 Faculty of Carpet, Tabriz Islamic Art University


An ecological approach has been obtained by using natural dyes and mordant for dyeing process. Silk fabrics dyed using natural mordants: powder of sour pomegranate and sweet pomegranate and mixture them. A beautiful red color were obtained by using theses mordants. The color of dyed silk fabrics was investigated in CIE Lab L, a and b and K/S values. Finally, all dyed fabrics were tested for wash and light fastness properties as per ISO standard test methods. The results of using biomordants for silk dyeing were comparable with that of the metallic mordants in terms of color strength and fastness properties. Pomegranate extract as biomordants produced red color with medium fastness properties and thus offer full potential to replace metal salts in silk dyeing process.