Dielectric Strontium Zirconate Sprayed by a Plasma Torch

Journal: Vol. 10, No.4, autumn 2017 - Article 4   Pages :  225 Until 230

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P. Ctibor: Institute of Plasma Physics - ASCR, Za Slovankou 3
J. Sedlacek: Faculty of Electrical Engineering Czech, Czech Technical university - Department of Elecrotechnology
M. Janata: Institute of Plasma Physics, ASCR, Za Slovankou 3 - Chief of the LPT dislocated laboratory

Article's abstract:

Amultifunctional material, strontium zirconate, SrZrO3, studied in literatures as a dielectric ceramics, thermal barrier coating, proton-conductor, and luminescent material was sprayed by a water-stabilized plasma torch WSP 500. Stainless steel and plain carbon steel were used as substrates. Coatings with thickness of 1 to 2 mm were produced, whereas the substrates were preheated over 450 °C. The torch working at 150 kW was able to spray SrZrO3 with a spray rate of 10 kg per hour. Microstructure, phase composition, dielectric properties, and optical band gap were also investigated.

Plasma spraying, Electrical properties, Strontium Zirconate, Insulators

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