Dye Removal from Single and Quaternary Systems Using Surface Modified Nanoparticle: Isotherm and Kinetics

Journal: Vol.9, No.2, Spring 2016 - Article 3   Pages :  85 Until 97

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N.M. Mahmoodi: Institute for Color Science and Technology - Department of Environmental Research
Sajjad Soltani-Gordefaramarzi: Institute for Color Science and Technology - Department of Environmental Research

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In this paper, dye removal ability of the surface modified nanoparticle SMN copper ferrite from single and quaternary systems was investigated. Acid Blue 92 AB92, Direct Green 6 DG6, Direct Red 23 DR23 and Direct Red 80 DR80 were used as model compounds. The effect of surfactant concentration, adsorbent dosage, dye concentration and pH on dye removal was evaluated. The adsorption isotherm and kinetic were studied. The maximum dye adsorption capacity Q0 was 178.571 mg/g AB92, 49.261 mg/g DG6, 39.841 mg/g DR23 and 43.290 mg/g DR80 for SMN. It was found that dye adsorption onto SMN followed Langmuir isotherm. Adsorption kinetic of dyes was found to conform to pseudo-second order kinetics. The results showed that the SMN being a magnetic adsorbent might be a suitable alternative to remove dyes from colored aqueous solutions.

Quaternary system; Dye removal; Surface modified nanoparticle; Isotherm; Kinetic.

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